Friday, January 20, 2017

Community Action Board January Meeting

The board of the Southeast Arkansas Community Action Agency meet for their January 17, 2017 monthly meeting in the conference room of the agency's headquarters in Warren.  The board conducted regular monthly business and heard reports from the various programs, managed by the agency.  Chairman Al Dixon presided.

Ms. Beverly Buchanan and Ms. Lorie Williams of the Department of Human Services for the State of Arkansas were present to continue the extensive board training that has been on going for a number of months.  There was a discussion about the process of amending the bylaws to make needed changes and to stay in compliance with state laws and regulations.  The need to raise private sources of money to help fund the agency's programs was also talked about.

Board member, Mrs. Angela Meeks made an emotional statement about what she considered to be mistatements about her during past board meetings.  She indicated that the agency's problems have revolved around finances.  Chairman Al Dixon pleaded with the board to do their job with the people of southeast Arkansas in mind and to do and say what is right, in a respectful manner.

The board then voted to approve a "succession policy" for the organization.  The purpose is to establish principles, role clarity and procedures to support positive leadership transitions and build organizational capacity when a planned or unplanned executive leadership change occurs.  The overall purpose is to keep the programs functioning in accordance to law and to provide proper services to the people of the agency's jurisdiction.

It should be noted that the governing board of the corporation consist of 15 individuals from Ashley County, Chicot County, Bradley County, Desha County and Drew County.  There is an elected official form each county, a private sector person from each county and a low income person form each county to comprise the board.  Currently there are elected official vacancies from Ashley, Bradley and Drew Counties.  The Southeast Arkansas Community Action Corporation administers millions of dollars of services to assist low income residents of the five county area.  A major program managed by the agency is the Head-Start program for children.

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