Friday, January 6, 2017

Expansion of Water/Sewer Lines Complete

According to information made available by the Warren Mayor's Office and the Warren Water/Sewer Manager's Office, the expansion of water and sewer on the Hwy 189 Bypass and the U.S. 278 Bypass has been completed.  This means residences and businesses in the affected areas now have the ability to connect to water and sewer.

The project consists of the installation of 43,700 feet of 8" water lines, which covers about 8.2 miles.  The new water lines run from the intersection of U.S. Hwy 63 and the Hwy 189 Bypass to U.S. Hwy 278 East. Additional water lines cover the area from U. S. Hwy 278 East around the U.S. Hwy 278 Bypass to west of Warren where U. S. 278 intersects with U.S. Hwy 278B.  This means city water is now available on the entirety of the 189 Bypass and the U.S. 278 Bypass circling Warren on the east and south.

A new 8" sewer main running 2300 feet and a 3" force main of 550 feet has been installed granting sewer access to a portion of Cowboy Rd. and industrial property located on the Hwy 189 Bypass.

The total cost of all the expansion was $1.6 million.  Some of the cost was paid by grants and some by a bond issue.  Completion makes large areas available for development in and near the Warren City Limits.  

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