Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hospital Board Approves Clinic Bid

Meeting in a called board meeting January 17, 2017, the Bradley County Medical Center Board voted to award a contract for construction of a new medical clinic to be built on Central Street, south of the hospital.  The contract was awarded to Bradford & Scruggs of Maumelle, Arkansas in the amount of $1,935,000.00.  This was the lowest of five bids received.  The bid was reviewed by the hospital's architect and determined to be satisfactory and in order.  The high bid amount was $2,280.000.00.

The new clinic will house two doctors, including a new family doctor, Dr. Biggers, who will be locating in Warren and Dr. Worley.  Estimated time to complete the clinic is 180 calendar days.

The new clinic will belong to the Bradley County Medical Center.

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