Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sheriff Tillman Addresses Lions Club

Sheriff Herschel Tillman, Chief Deputy Kevin Black and McCall Reynolds with the Arkansas Sheriffs' Association spoke to the Warren Lions Club during the club's January 11, 2017 meeting conducted at Molly's Diner.  Sheriff Tillman updated the Lions members on the make up of the Sheriff's office and talked about his desire to reach young people before they become involved in crime or a lifestyle that could led to crime.  Chief Deputy Black stated that the Bradley County Sheriff's Office will be working closely with the Arkansas Sheriff's Association to make use of the resources of the association to support efforts in the county.  He also indicated the office would be working with the 10th Judicial Drug Task Force.

McCall Reynolds, who manages the Arkansas at Risk Kids program for the Sheriff's Association showed the club the PC or Patrol Car that is used to communicate with young kids age K-3 about the dangers of illegal drugs, improper use of prescription drugs, tobacco, alcohol and other harmful activities.  The car is like a robot and talks to the kids.  It can answer questions and is fun to use. It consist of a miniature car that is operated by remote control.

Any school or organization desiring to have the Sheriff's Association to present a program utilizing the car should contact McCall Reynolds at 501-244-0400.  She can be reached by email at  The program is available for children and also adults who wish to learn more about the program.

Sheriff Tillman indicated his excited to serve the people of Bradley County in the office of Sheriff and Collector and will be working to successfully deal with the issues facing the county.  The Sheriff's Office is located in the Bradley County Courthouse and is accessible through the entrance at the northwest corner of the building.

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