Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Work Should Begin Within a Month on Demolition

According to Mayor Bryan Martin, work should begin within a month on the demolition and clean up of the burned building at the corner of Main and Cypress Streets in downtown Warren.  Morris Engineering will oversee the work and Environmental Associates will conduct the cleanup.  The cost will be $148,000.00.  The cleanup includes asbestos removal and tearing down and cleaning up the site.

The Warren City Council has ordered the property owner to take action and to date no action has been taken and no response made to the city.  The city will have to pay for the work and will then take legal action to try to recoup the $148,000.00.  Collecting may be difficult and could take several years under state law.

According to the Mayor, the city has a number of other buildings that need to be cleaned up and the city will continue to work on this problem as money is available.  He indicated the city trys to get the property owners to take action but in many cases the city has to step in. 

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