Monday, February 20, 2017

Applications Being Accepted at Human Development Center

Current Jobs Advertised
1 Center Circle
Warren, AR   71671
(870) 226-6774
Class Accepting
Code Position # Positions Vacant _______________Applications___
S087C 22100687 Institution Services Assistant
Responsible for general cleaning of areas in and around office From 2/20/2017
buildings, classrooms, lecture halls, conference rooms, until close of
residential living units, dining areas, and other areas as needed. business on Requirements:  The formal education equivalent of high 3/3/2017.
school diploma.
Benchmarking Requirement:  Prefer 2 years of experience
stripping, waxing  and buffing floors. Prefer 2 years experience
in custodial work. Prefer 5 years of work experience.

S085C 22099482 Food Preparation Specialist - From 2/20/2017
Requirements:  The ability to read, write, and follow until close of
oral and written instructions; PLUS 1 year of experience business on
in institutional cooking or related area. 3/3/17
Benchmarking Requirements:  
Prefer a high school diploma or GED.  Prefer  6 months
experience in a leadership capacity.

S080C 22110638 Equipment Operator    From 2/20/2017
Operate, maintain and service light equipment used in until close
the upkeep of grounds and facilities. of business
Requirements:  One year of experience in the operation, 3/3/17
adjustment, and maintenance of equipment.
Benchmarking Requirements:  2 years experience in use and 
maintenance of tractors and mowers, 6 months experience using chainsaws.

Apply on-line at one of the web sites below:
“An Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO/AA/RA)”

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