Monday, February 20, 2017

Arrest Report: February 20, 2017

The following are innocent until proven guilty:

Jonathan Hill, 1313 Bradley St., Warren, AR., age 33, charged with possession of controlled substance-marijuana (2-13-13)

Anna Hope Rica, 154 Ben Loveless Rd., Wilmar, AR., age 19, charged with theft of motor fuel (2-14-17)

Charles R. Hill IV, 113 W. Pine St., Warren, AR., age 37, arrested on warrant, parole hold (2-14-17)

Christian Donaldson, 835 Bradley Rd. 60, Hermitage, AR., age 21, charged with aggravated assault, fleeing (2-14-17)

Charles L. Patton, 603 Boyd St., Warren, AR., age 69, charged with driving on suspended license (2-15-17)

Ebony Wilson, 1227 St., James, Warren, AR., age 31, charged with driving on a suspended license and arrested on warrant from Warren Police Department (2-15-17)

Daquez Lawson, 601 Cherry St., Warren, AR., age 19, arrested on warrant and charged with disorderly conduct (2-17-17)

Lawrence Simmons, 900 Sturgis St., Warren, AR., age 40, charged with disorderly conduct (2-17-17)

Wilbert Jackson, Jr., 1112 St. James St., Warren, AR., age 49, charged with public intoxication (2-18-17)

James Ragland, 1115 Penister St., Warren, AR., age 62, charged with domestic battery 3rd (2-19-17)

Andre Harris, 128 N. John, Harrell, AR., age 61, charged with driving on suspended license and possession of instrument of crime (2-19-17)

Odario Moseley, 511 Boyd St., Warren, Ar., age 28, charged with driving on suspended license (2-20-17)

Christopher Rice, 14020 Saddlewood Drive, Little Rock, AR., age 50, arrested on felony warrant Sherwood (2-20-17)

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