Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Bradley County Rural Fire Department Has Been Busy

The Bradley County Rural Fire Department was dispatched on February 4 to 367 Bradley 32 where a trash or leaf fire had escaped.  The department responded with two suppression apparatuses and eight personnel. A small area, about 30’ x 60’, around some hardwood trees burned.  The fire was extinguished by the brush truck and fire rakes.  A dead six inch Post Oak was also cut because the fire had climbed high into it and the department feared it might send out embers to reignite the fire.

The department also was called out to 276 Bradley 48, Sumpter, where a fire started when welding sparks ignited grass.  The fire extended to open land and a barn and on to an area of mature hardwoods.  The department responded with two apparatuses, a tanker and a pumper truck, and four firemen.  The department stood by on site to protect exposed homes white the Forestry Department circled the fire with a fire plow.  The barn was lost along with some damage to the grassland and timberland.

On January 30, the department was called to a vehicle fire on Highway 8E in Sumpter (outise the department;s normal response area).  They responded with two brush trucks.  Upon arrival, they discovered a 2009 Ford F150 fully involved in fire to the extent that the aluminum hood had already melted.  The fire was extinguished but the vehicle was a total loss.

On the following day, January 31, the department responded to a call at 1350 Highway 63 South. The fire started from welding sparks and progressed north into an area of sage grass and other tall grasses.  A stiff wind and dry conditions assisted the fire along until it had covered about 30 acres.  The department responded with two tankers and two water trucks which were not enough to stop the fire.  The flames were burning eight feet high in some areas.  There were several homes in danger and the support of several other fire departments were necessary.  The Jersey Fire Department responded with two trucks, Pleasantville with a brush truck,the City of Warren with two pumpers, Banks Fire Department and the Sumpter Fire Dept.  The fire progressed to within fifteen feet of one home.

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