Monday, February 6, 2017

Chamber Seeking Nominations for "Citizen of the Year"

It is time to send in your nominations for "Citizen of the Year."
This award is sponsored by the Bradley County Chamber of Commerce.
The following is the criteria upon which the selection will be made by
a committee according to the Chamber:
1. Accomplishments of your nominee for the improvement of the community.
2. List of activities to which the nominee had dedicated sufficient
volunteer service.
3. Ways the nominee has sought to enhance the quality of life for all
citizens of Bradley
4. Your personal views for nominating  the individual and why you feel
your nominee
    deserves this award.
5. The individual's involvement in a variety of community activities.
6. Someone the community is proud to call "Citizen of the year."

Please send your nomination to : Citizen of the year, 104 N. Myrtle,
Warren, AR 71671

Petitions will not be accepted. Only letters of recommendation will be
The deadline for submitting your letter is February 27, 2017.

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