Friday, February 24, 2017

Hospital Monthly Board Meeting

Members of the Bradley County Medical Center Board meet Thursday, February 23rd for the monthly board meeting.  Brandon Gorman, CFO presented the financial reports as well as the home health care statistics and provided an update on the hospital sales tax fund.  Mr. Gorman informed the board that the hospital remained in solid financial shape and made a profit of $23,000.00 in January, 2017.  He stated the hospital is up $189,000.00 for the first four months of the fiscal year. Mr. Gorman told the board that home health care is also strong.  He stated the hospital currently has $4.2 million dollars available in the sales tax fund for use.

In continuing his report, Mr. Gorman informed the board that x-rays and surgeries were up over the previous month.  He said x-rays were up 7% and surgeries were up 10%.  Mr. Gorman also reported that collections for private pay patients will be handled by a private company, in an effort to increase collections.

Dr. Joe Wharton reported the following staff recommendations:
Lyle Burdine, M.D., Emergency Medicine
Pervie Simpson, M.D., Neurology
Joshua Lewis, RN., Wound Care Specialists
All were approve or re-approved by the board.

In his executive update, CEO Steve Henson reported on various initiatives, programs and general business of the hospital.  He also provided an update on the construction of the new doctors clinic and efforts to hire a new human resources director.  He discussed efforts to build alliances with other health care groups and ongoing work to create a hospitalist program.  He talked about cost savings programs that are being reviewed along with improved reporting of information to the board.  He also mentioned quality improvement plans.

Mr. Henson gave the Chief Nursing Officers report due to absence of Tiffany Holland.  He stated that new ER nurses have been hired.

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