Monday, February 13, 2017

Motorcycle Club Volunteers to Help Keep City Clean

The Warren City Council met Monday, February 13 for their regular monthly meeting.  After reviewing the financial report, the Warren City Council was addressed by Mr. Kenneth Colen, the secretary of the Wolf Pack Motorcycle Club of Warren informing them that the club was going to try to do its part to help clean up Warren by volunteering to keep a section of road cleaned up.  They intend on a regular basis to keep trash picked up on West Central Street (Highway 278 B) from Martin Street west to the Bypass.  Mayor Martin and the City Council expressed their appreciation for the club's commitment.

The council approved the financial report and approved routine departmental reports.

Representatives of the Southeast Arkansas Intermodal Authority Board attended the meeting to update the city council on the status and future of the Intermodal Park.  Dr. Bob Smalling led off by updating the council on the purpose of the Intermodal Authority and reminded the members that he, Roger George, and Rick Warner represent the City of Warren on the board.  He told the council that the Park consists of 354 acres with an access road and utilities.  Bob Milton who serves as the bookkeeper for the Intermodal Board told the council that some $6.3 million have been spent developing the park.  He went on to tell the council that the city of Warren has invested $243,705 in the facility, and according to Intermodal records, the city owes another $133,000.  Roger George Spoke and told the council that he thought eventually some type of business would locate int he park.  Intermodal board chairman John Lipton also made comments.  Mayor Bryan Martin made a statement voicing his support for the Intermodal project and indicated that he would continue to recommend an annual contribution from the City of Warren to pay the city's share.

Mr. Paul Bray addressed the council, asking them to consider installing street lights on Smith Road.

The council then took up the matter of rezoning property at 1523 Pine Street belonging to Michael Sparks.  The Warren Planning Commission had conducted a public meeting and recommend the property be rezoned.  The city council then adopted Ordinance 899 rezoning the property from R1 to C1 for purpose of a retail business.

The council voted to sell two used city vehicles.

The council's fire committee recommended that the city pay $640 for the Southeast Arkansas Fire Fighters' Association dues.  This was unanimously approved.  Alderman Marty Reep, Chairman of the Fire Committee, informed the council that Ryan Meeks  has been hired as a volunteer fireman by the Civil Service Commission.

During the Street Department report, street foreman Ricky Joe Davis told the aldermen that efforts are being made to pick up litter in some of the more needed areas.  There was talk among the alderman considering the need to put up more No Littering signs in various locations.  Mayor Martin asked each council member to submit a list of locations where signs are needed.

By a 5-0 vote, the council approved a contract to begin renovation and repair of the railroad depot. The council approved the lowest responsible bid.

The aldermen approved the low bid submitted by Seth Jolley to mow city properties during the spring and summer. This includes the baseball/softball complex and city parks.

After voting to pay all bills for the month of January, the council voted to adjourn. 

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