Friday, March 3, 2017

Abigail Torres Honored as a Prudential Spirit of Community Award.

However effective government may be in serving the needs of its citizens, the soul of our cityy and its vitality as a place to live and work depend on the relationship of families, friends, and neighbors.

Strengthening those bonds is not as much in the hands of institutions or governments as it is in the hearts of the people - individuals who volunteer to help people of all ages, races and religions cope with illnesses, overcome hardships and barriers, adjust to social changes, and fulfill their potential.  These volunteers are the unrecognized, unsung heroes of our society.

Abigail Torres, recently named as one of our state's top honorees in 2017 The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program, exemplifies the value of volunteer community service, and is a role model to other youth as well as adults in our community.

A surprising number of volunteers in communities across the nation are like Abigail, a student contributing time without expectation of reward, other than the gratification that comes from helping others.  Some of these young people work in established groups:  others seek new and unique ways to help others on their own.

Recognizing these young volunteers and encouraging others to follow their example is the aim of the nationwide program conducted by Prudential Financial and the National Association of Secondary Schools Principals.  Its aim is to reach into every community, in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, to identify and honor these unsung heroes locally, state-by-state, and then nationally, in the hopes that their recognition will serve to stimulate others to volunteer service.

As Mayor of Warren, and on behalf of our city, Mayor Bryan Martin commends Abigail Torres, our Prudential Spirit of Community Award honoree, for her outstanding volunteer contribution to others and our community.

Abigail Torres, 18, of Warren, AR., is a senior at SEACBEC and Warren high School.  She led a schoolside personal hygiene item drive to provide classmates in need with items including deodorant, dental floss, body wash, toothbrushes and toothpaste.  After hearing a girl request deodorant from a school counselor and being told that the office had run out of supplies, Abigail recruited several school clubs to help her collect a variety of personal hygiene products to fulfill future needs.

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