Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Chamber Executive Board Approves Change Orders

The Executive Committee of the Bradley County Chamber of Commerce met Tuesday evening to consider five change orders to the construction contract for the railroad depot.  The renovation project was originally bid and came in $38,485.00 under budget.  The Chamber is required by the State of Arkansas to spend the entire grant by the end of May or lose the balance remaining.  The committee approved five change orders to expand the work on the project that will utilize the $38,485.00.  All the work will be completed by the end of May, 2017.  Local funds in the amount of $29,801.00 are included in the overall project.  The Executive Committee was informed that another grant request for approximately $100,000.00 has been submitted for the project.  Gary Clements of Clements and Associates Architecture and Mayor Bryan Martin were present to explain the continuation of the project.

The change orders include:
     *an upgrade in the type shingles to be placed on the roof,
     *additional work on the trusses,
     *roof decking, and
     *two of the five involved additional work on the outside of the office building. 

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