Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Funding Lacking For Home Program

For the past several years the Warren Housing Authority has taken advantage of a program managed by the Arkansas Development Finance Authority to help low income residents build new homes and in some cases repair older homes.  The program is funded buy the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.  All recipients must meet low income standards and must own their existing home.  In most cases the beneficiaries are the elderly.  Old dilapidated, unsafe and unhealthy structures have been torn down and new energy efficient houses have been constructed.  The owners contribute to the cost and the neighborhood is enhanced.  The residents are better off and the city is better off.

The Warren Housing Authority and its Executive Director Mike Jolley are one of only a handful of agencies eligible to administer the program statewide.  Not only has the program been helpful to upgrading the standard of living of the home owners, but it has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars of business to local contractors and building supply retailers.  It has generated sales tax money for the City of Warren.  The program helps people and is a major economic development tool.

Warren Mayor Bryan Martin is encouraging the Arkansas Congressional delegation to support continued funding of the program.  The Warren Housing Authority has a number of applicants on the list for assistance.  Because of the ability of the Warren Housing Authority to operate the program, Warren contractors and suppliers have secured business from other communities in Arkansas, thus generating more tax dollars for the city. 

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