Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hermitage City Council Meeting of March 9th

The Hermitage City Council meet march 9th for the regular monthly meeting.  Present were Mayor Alma Harrod and Council members Carol Bell and Tonya Kendrix.  Also attending were Kim Thomas and Police Sgt. George Smith.

After approving the minutes of the last meeting, Sgt. George Smith gave the police report and stated that 10 citations were issued for the month of February.  There were no reports provided by the water, sewer or street departments.  It was noted that the tornado siren will be sounded each Saturday.

The council voted to amend ordinance #111 to lower water and sewer rates.  The rates had been increased around August, 2016 as part of a utility improvement project apparently financed to some degree by federal funds.

There were no financial reports to give.  These will be provided at the April meeting.

Under new business the council voted to accept and post the 2016 annual financial statement and to purchase a patrol car from Bear Cruisers for $10,995.00.  A motion was made to borrow $4800.00 form First State Bank at 4% for 24 months to complete payment on the police car, replace decals and have the radio installed.  The motion was approved.  It was noted that the city had received $7750.00 from the insurance company for a recently wrecked patrol car.

The council voted to cancel the roll-over line for the police station through SATCO.  The members also voted to change the names on two lock boxes.

There were no public comments.

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