Monday, March 20, 2017

Human Development Parents' Association Formed

Loretta Alexander and Jim Palmer
Family, friends and interested persons, who support the Southeast Arkansas Human Development Center meet at the facility in Warren, Saturday, March 18th and officially formed the SEAHDC Parents' Association.  Bylaws were adopted and the following persons were elected as officers:
Clydine Davis-President
Karen Nelson-Vice President
Terri Callaway-Secretary
A number of family members of residents of the Center and other interested individuals were on hand to support the Southeast Human Development Center.

The speaker for the event was State Representative Jeff Wardlaw (R) Hermitage.  He talked about efforts to keep the Human Development Centers out of managed care and some salary increases for employees.
Clydine Davis

Also on hand were members of the statewide Family/Friends of Care Facilit Roberty Residents board, Loretta Alexander of Lake Village and R. Gregg Reep of Warren.  Mr. Reep briefly informed those present that there are people and organizations on the state and federal level who would eliminate Human Development Centers in order to cut spending or to direct funds to private and nonprofit organizations.  Mr. Reep stated that some private/nonprofits do good work, but they cannot take the place of Human Development Centers or care adequately for the clients served by the Centers.

The SEAHDC Parents' Association will serve as an advocate for the Center in Warren and support the HDC's statewide. 

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