Saturday, March 4, 2017

Intermodal addresses Monticello City Council

John M. Lipton, Chairman of the Board of the Southeast Arkansas Intermodal Authority Board addressed the Monticello City Council February 8th.  The presentation was part of the intermodal authority's recent effort to update the cities of Warren and Monticello and the counties of Bradley and Drew about progress with the development of the intermodal park and to asked each entity to continue to contribute to the authority.  Presentations had already been made to the Warren City Council and Bradley County Quorum Court and there is a plan to speak to the Drew County Quorum Court in the near future.

Mr. Lipton talked about the history of the intermodal and the status of the park.  Bob Milton, book keeper for the authority covered the finances and the amount each creating government has contributed to date.  He explained how the financial report of the authority has calculated the amount it has listed as owed by each government.

Several questions were asked by Mayor David Anderson and members of the council.  There was concern voiced about the liability of Monticello to provide water and sewer services to the park.
There was a lack of knowledge expressed as to just what responsibilities Monticello is subject to provide by both Monticello officials and Mr Lipton.

The Mayor and council all voiced their desire to see economic development in the region.  Mr. Lipton told them that railroad updates to the line from Warren to Cypress Bend had been made due to the development of the intermodal park. There was discussion about efforts to recruit industry to the site.

The City of Monticello informed Mr. Lipton that they plan to contribute $35,000.00 in 2017 to the intermodal.  That amount has been budgeted for the year.

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