Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Judge Reports Solid Waste Survey Making Progress

During his monthly report to the Bradley County Quorum Court Monday evening, March 20th, County Judge Klay McKinney reported that the survey of residences and businesses in the county in order to update the county's solid waste records, is ongoing and to date 370 locations have been contacted.  The purpose of the survey is to make sure the county is properly billing for garbage pickup.  County employees are physically checking each residence and business within the county that receives solid waste services from the county.  Judge McKinney stated that cases have been found where money is owed and some where money is not owed.  County records indicate that over $87,000.00 of solid waste fees are delinquent.

In other business, the Judge also reported that several old vehicles and assorted equipment and scrap have been sold by the county and the sale has netted the county $26,317.00.  Judge McKinney went on to report that plans are underway to purchase used state police vehicle for the sheriff's office and a grant is being pursued to buy some new bullet proof vest for the office.

The Quorum Court approved the 2015 county audit conducted by the State and approved a revision of the 2016 county budget.  The 2017 budget was also amended.

Eight of the nine JP's were present. The meeting lasted about 30 minutes.

During the public comment portion of the agenda, the judge was asked the status of the regional jail project.  He stated he was invited to a meeting in the Governor's Office on Tuesday, March 21st to talk about the jail.  He indicated he did not know the purpose of the meeting or the current status.

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