Friday, March 17, 2017

Maxwell Hardwood Flooring Celebrates 25 Years

A crowd gathered to celebrate 25 years of operation for Maxwell Hardwood Flooring and its sister companies.
A large crowd gathered on the campus of the University of Arkansas at Monticello Thursday, March 16th to celebrate the 25th year of operations for Maxwell Hardwood Flooring and the company's sister corporations located in Monticello and Warren.  Members of the company's staff, customers,
Tommy Maxwell addresses the crowd.
lumber producers, financial institutions and business and community leaders form throughout the region were on hand to enjoy a meal, watch a presentation on the company's operations and to express appreciation for Maxwell's contributions to the area and the 250 jobs they provide in Warren and Monticello combined.

Wil Maxwell, President of Maxwell Hardwood Flooring gave the welcome and made opening remarks.  He talked about the sacrifice it takes to make a business successful.  After lunch and a slide presentation, Dave Dickson, President of Union Bank and Trust Company, read a speech sent by Sam Walls, Retired CEO of Arkansas Capital Corporation.  Mr. Walls was scheduled to speak but was unable to attend due to sickness in his family.  He congratulated Maxwell and talked about the importance of what the Maxwell family has accomplished.

Tommy Maxwell addressed the crowd and thanked everyone for attending.  He expressed his gratitude to all Maxwell employees, customers and from whom the company purchases lumber.  He especially thanked Zach McClendon for the support of Union Bank and mentioned what he learned years earlier from the late Sykes Harris of Warren. Mr. Maxwell stated that the company
Left to Right:  Tony Owen, Dave Dickson, Wil Maxwell, Tommy Maxwell, Kristi Prince, and Dustin Prince
produces close to 100,000 feet of flooring per day and that the key to success are the employees who work in the manufacturing plants.  He thanked his staff and his family for their hard work.  Among those he mentioned were:
Wil Maxwell welcomes the guests.
Darrell Orrell, Sales Manager
Kristi Prince, CFO
Wil Maxwell, President
Dustin Prince, Inventory/Safety
Rose Mary Cummings, Marketing
Mr. Maxwell thanked other present and former employees and his wife for their hard work and success.  He also thanked UAM for allowing the company to use university facilities.

Maxwell Hardwood Flooring runs plants in Monticello and operates Ouachita Hardwood Flooring and Townsend Flooring, Inc. in Warren.

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