Friday, March 10, 2017

Mayor Submits 2016 Annual Report to City Council

In early 2017, Mayor Bryan Martin submitted his 2016 annual report on the year 2016 as required by law.  He covered city accomplishments and provided statistical data for the aldermen to review and use in planning for the future.  The following is a summary of the information provided to the city council:
Law Enforcement-Warren continues to maintain a professional police department.  On May 3, 2016 Lieutenant Shawn Hildreth was promoted to fill the position of Chief of Police.  He was selected by the Warren Civil Service Commission after the job was publicly advertised and following a strong investigation process.  The city currently funds 12 police officer positions.

Sadly, the department lost a valuable member when CID Lieutenant Don Hollingsworth passed away August 1st.  He was a twenty year veteran of the police department and was dedicated to law enforcement and the city of Warren.

The department investigated crimes and worked to promote crime prevention.  The Emergency Services Center responded to 1598 911 calls for the year.

Fire Department-During the 2016 calendar year, the Warren Fire Department answered 202 calls which included 24 structural fires, 6 grass fires, 4 vehicle fires, made 5 extractions from vehicles, assisted other fire departments on 5 calls and made another 158 responses.  Over 1000 hours of training was conducted for the fire fighters and 170 fire inspections were conducted within the city.  The department also presented 25 fire education classes to local schools and other entities.

Fire hydrants and fire markers were inspected and over $17,000.00 of new equipment was purchased.

Sanitation-The Warren solid waste department picked up and disposed of over 2810 tons of garbage during the year.  The city collected and recycled 4.74 tons of electrical waste in 2016 and sold over $10,000.00 worth of paper and cardboard.  The recycling efforts saved the city another $4,167.00 in reduced landfill cost.

Building Department-The Building Code office issued 40 building permits in 2016.  There were six commercial remodeling projects worth over $175,700.00 completed during the year.  Also issued were 36 electrical permits and 75 plumbing permits. The city council condemned 20 properties for cleanup and one major property at 200 South Main Street. (Words on a Shirt)

Parks/Recreation-In addition to maintaining and operating city parks and the city's baseball/softball complex, the city in cooperation with the Warren School District, completed the Axley Field Soccer complex on the site of historic Axley Field.  Soccer for all ages will be able to utilize the facility.  The Warren Shooting Sports Complex completed its first year of operation and was well used.  A pistol/rifle range is under construction adjacent to the trap and skeet range.

Street Department-The department spent the year working on maintenance and drainage.  Streets paved were all or portions of Carey, Cobb, Boyd, Watson, St. James, Sylvan Hills, South Martin and Davenport.

Warren Water & Sewer-While the city water and sewer system is operated independent of the rest of city government, the system is owned by the city.  It is governed by a three member commission and managed by a Departmental Manager hired by the commission.

The water department pumped an average of 979,389  gallons of water per day in 2016 with the peak month being August, 2016 with 35,378,000 gallons being used.  A total of 378,175,000 gallons was pumped and distributed during 2016.  The water system was expanded on the bypass north and east of Warren during the year.  Sewer improvements were also made.

Warren Public Housing-The city's public housing authority continued to manage housing units throughout the year.  Using grant programs, the city constructed 29 new homes for eligible residents and repaired 19 more.  The agency oversees 67 vouchers for rental property for low income residents.  The Housing Authority helps the low income with safe and decent housing and brings hundreds of thousands of dollars into Warren's economy.

The city continued contracting with the Bradley County Economic Development Commission in the ongoing effort to recruit new jobs to the area as well as to assist our existing industry and business.  The city is utilizing local sales tax revenues to try and promote job growth.

In summary, the city experienced a solid year.  There was the setback of the closure of the OMP plant.  Officials continue to seek new businesses to locate in Warren and are always on the lookout to assist our existing businesses and industry.  Retainage of jobs and the creation of new opportunities must continue.

The city council granted city employees a 2% raise in 2016 along with tenure and holiday pay.
The city airport was also overlaid and other improvements made.

Mayor Martin expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Warren City Council, all city employees and those who serve on boards and commissions for their dedicated efforts to make Warren a better place to live and work.  He thanked the citizens of Warren for their support and cooperation.  

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