Monday, March 20, 2017

New Interim Superintendent of Human Development Center

Mark Wargo

Mark Wargo has been named the Interim Director of the Southeast Arkansas Human Development Center located in Warren.  Mr. Wargo, who lives in Warren, has worked for the Southeast Center in the past, having served as Special Treatment Director from 2003-2008, Resident Director form 2008-2011 and Psychological Examiner from 2014-2017.  He served as Assistant Superintendent for the Booneville HDC from 2011-2014.  He has been a licensed psychological examiner since 1999 and has held a nursing home administrator license since 2008. Mr. Wargo served in the United States Army form 1999 to 2003.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Mississippi State and a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology, also from Mississippi State.  He grew up in Kelso, Arkansas.

According to Mr. Wargo, the Southeast Arkansas Human Development Center currently serves 95 clients.  It is licensed to handle 100.  Of those served, 80% have a co-occurring psychiatric illness and 27 have autism spectrum disorder.  Work is ongoing to train those clients who can function sufficiently.  The Kohler company works a number of those served and the clients operate a paper product recycling  center on campus.  In May and June approximately 15 - National Civilian Community Corps workers will spend 13 days on campus helping to develop sustainable community gardens, which will employ many of the residents.

Plans are underway to expand the Volunteer Council and to conduct Lunch and Learn sessions for members of the community.  Training is an ongoing priority.

Currently the Center in Warren employs 230 staff positions. Jobs are available and should be looked into by contacting the Center.  The governor and  legislature have recently enacted ACT 365 to update the state employee compensation plan to enhance the ability of the Centers to recruit and retain high quality employees.

The primary purpose of the Southeast Arkansas Human Development Center is to care for and help the most vulnerable citizens of our state.  They do very good job for the clients and their families.  The Center also helps promote a strong economy in Warren, Bradley County and the surrounding area of Southeast Arkansas.

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