Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Piper Curry Carries Out a Random Act of Kindness

Piper Curry and Warren Police Officer Michael Sharp
Piper Curry, daughter of Byron and Wendy Curry had a special request for her sixth birthday which is Thursday.  Instead of presents, Piper asked that people purchase a bag of dog food which should planned to give to the Warren Animal Shelter and P.A.W.S. (Personal Advocates for the Warren Shelter).  This request came from her heart as a result of her homeschool study of random acts of kindness.  On Wednesday, Piper was able to deliver 10 bags of dogfood as the fruits of her request.
Piper Curry sits atop the bags of dog food she donated as a
random act of kindness.

In addition, Piper has extended her request.  She asks others who can afford it to also purchase a bag of dogfood and noted that if they live out of town she requested that they take a picture of them delivering it to their local animal rescue and post it on facebook. Local donations may be turned into the Warren Animal Shelter, P.A.W.S. or to Hope Place in Warren.

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