Saturday, March 4, 2017

Rotary/City Install New Steps at City Park

The Warren Rotary Club has joined forces with the City of Warren to install a set of steps leading from the parking lot of the Railroad Depot down a steep embankment to the city park.  This is on the east side of the park just off Cedar Street.  It will provide a safe entrance into the park from the Depot.  Members of the Rotary Club joined with city employees and Mayor Bryan Martin Saturday morning, March 4th to install the steps.

The work crew was lead by Rotarian Sam St. John and Ricky Joe Davis, the city's Street Foreman.  According to the Rev Phillip Faris, President of the Warren Rotary Club, the club donated $1200.00 which was matched by another $1200.00 from the Rotary District, to purchase the materials needed. The wooden steps were manufactured by Danny May Lumber Company of Warren.  A metal handrail will also be installed.

The steps will connect the city walking track directly to the railroad depot which is under renovation and will become part of the city park complex.  According to Mayor Martin, work on the forest phase of renovation and repair to the depot building will begin Monday, March 6th and will be completed by May1st.

Among those on hand to help were:  Rev. Phillip Faris, Sam St. John, RickyJoe Davis, Mayor Martin, Carlton Davis and Mark West with the City of Warren.

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