Monday, March 13, 2017

School Board Renews Contracts, Accepts Resignations and Retirements Along with Hires

The Warren School Board met Monday night for their March regular monthly meeting, a digital slide show was presented by Mrs. Rhonda Williams and the principals from each school in the district. The presentation explained the current position and work on personalized learning within the district.  The board members asked several questions thanked the group for the information.  Superintendent Bobby Acklin said that the district needs to take the presentation "on the road."  Informing the public and parents is very important.

After returning from executive session, the board approved contracts for the 2017-18 school year for all licensed and classified personnel with restrictions as noted for 2017-18 school year:

Dasha Matthews-Brunson ISS Parapro for the 2016-17 school year,
Caleb Spradlin-Midde School sub for Heather Reynolds until end of the year.

Retirements of Pam Brown and Queen Miles from Brunson at the end of their contracts.

Accepted resignations of Mary Elizabeth Brown-Eastside 1st grade teacher effective and the end of the contract year and Haley McKinney - Eastside 1st grade teacher at the end of the contract year.

The board also approved the Model Policy Service contract for 201-18.

They approved the 205-16 audit report which had only one finding that needed correction.  The finding was to the benefit of the school district and will result in just of $3000 to be paid to the district.

The board voted to change the name of Eastside New Vision Charter School back to Eastside Elementary School.  The LEA number will also be changed.

They approveed the salary schedule for the ABC Preschool.

In the Superintendent's report, Mr. Acklin told the board that he and the district treasurer had been looking at the budget and trying to find funds to purchase new band instruments and uniforms.  He said at this time they felt it was in the best interest of the district to hold off.  He also said they would continue to seek revenue for these needs.

He also reported on the electrical project planned for the High School this summer.  He noted that some classes toward the end of the year may be temporarily moved to allow the work to begin prior to the end of the school year.  He told them that they were in the process of accepting bids.

Also in his report, Mr. Acklin noted that plans are in the works to upgrade the Eastside playground to accommodate handicapped students.  The district is awaiting the city to reimburse the district for half of the funds spent on the soccer facility added at Axley Field.  When asked who could use this facility, he noted that anyone can use it so long as they schedule it through his office.  He told the board that the new buses are in and that he hopes to pave the bus shop lot.  Board member Tolefree suggested that the district could possibly get a better price if they have this work done in conjunction with the city's paving of streets.  Mr. Acklin discussed the options for mowing of the new soccer field and the difficulty keeping it in great shape without a fence.  He noted that the field has experienced some driving on the field that has caused some damage.  He added that the city is planning to assist with upgrading the field by added dirt and leveling the area.

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