Monday, April 17, 2017

Arrest Report: April 17, 2-17

The following are innocent until proven guilty:

Greg Payne, #4 Cypress Grove, Warren, AR., age 37, order of no contact (4-10-17)

Demario Rashad Blueford, 225 Smith Rd. Apt #1, Warren, Ar., age 28, charged with driving on suspended license (4-10-17)

James Spires, 200 Walnut St., C-13, Hermitage, AR., arrested on warrant (4-10-17)

Philip E. Earnest, 713 Farmer's Loop, Hampton, AR., age 42,  arrested on warrant for failure to appear (4-12-17)

James D. Phillips, Jr., 615 Bradley 18 Rd. E, Warren, AR., age 19, charged with driving on suspended license, fictitious tags (4-12)

Roberto Torres, #25 Frover At., Warren, AR., age 22, charged with no drivers's license, running stop sign (4-13-17)

Bobby Lee Palmer, 1119 W. Church, Warren, AR., age 32, charged with domestic battery 368

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