Monday, April 24, 2017

Arrest Report: April 24, 2017

Serrina Sanders, 101 Lincoln St., Warren, AR., age 18, charged with disorderly conduct (4-19-17)

LaKia Davis, 842 S. 7th St., Wilmar, AR., age 18, charged with disorderly conduct (4-19-17)

La Porsha T. Patton, 13 Oak Grove Circle, Warren, AR., age 19, arrested on warrant from Monticello (4-19-17)

Lorelei Ramsy, 906 Hwy. 8 North, Warren, AR., age 34, arrested on warrant out of Monticello (4-20)

Davdrin Goffin, 631 N. Madison St., Ashdown, AR., age 33, arrested on warrant from BCSO (4-20-17)

Robert Pope, 1042 Bradley 52, Hermitage, AR., age 44, charged with disorderly conducted (4-20-17)

David Smith, 180 Bradley ?, Hermitage, AR., age 41, charged with domestic battery 3rd (4-21-17)

Tara Noel Grice, 1430 Bradley Rd. 16, Banks, age 30, arrested on warrant (4-21-17)

Tyrone W. Grays, Wilmar, age 35, charged with driving on licenses and arrest on warrant (4-22-17)

Javier Landers Guzman, El Dorado, AR., age 31, charged with no driver's license (4-22-17)

Bruce James, 507 Howard St., Warren, AR., age 56, charged with driving on suspended license, no vehicle license, no proof of insurance (4-22-17)

Harrell Rainey, New Edinburg, AR., age 55, charged with speeding, DWI, no driver's license, no insurance (4-23-17)

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