Wednesday, April 5, 2017

City Moving Ahead On Cleanup of Words On A Shirt: Editorial

The City of Warren is moving ahead with the demolition of the burned and destroyed Words on a Shirt Building on the corner of Main and Cypress Streets.  Cleanup is expected to begin very soon. City officials had to step in and take action to clean up the building when the owner did not do so and to date has refused to even communicate with the city about the status of the building.  It appears that actions were taken to make it difficult to locate the owner and to communicate city orders. ( Note: The Martin Family sold the building several years ago and the purchaser at the time sold the building to another buyer, who owned the building at the time of the fire.)

Under law, the city has no option but to tear down and cleanup the building due to the owner's refusal to take action or even discuss the matter.  The total cleanup, including the asbestos abatement is costing the taxpayers of Warren around $150,000.00.  Warren Municipal government will take action to try and recoup the cost from the owner but that is time consuming and can be difficult.

We urge the city to take all steps legally available to try and collect the cost of the cleanup from the owner.  It is not right for the taxpayers to be hit with this type of expense when it is the owner's responsibility, regardless of the circumstances.  There should be some cooperation from the owner in an attempt to clean the site up.

There are many homes and structures that need cleanup in the Warren community, and the city is actively working on many.  Most do not cost this much but the location of the building on Main Street and the severe safety concerns mandate that action be taken on the Words on a Shirt building.  Tax payers, your city council is doing what they have to do.  Support them as they move forward on this property and others throughout the community. 

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