Friday, April 21, 2017

Get Real, Here's The Deal

Under the direction of Michelle Carter, Extension Home Economist-Family and Consumer Science for Bradley County, another episode of "Get Real, Here's the Deal" was carried out at the Southeast Arkansas Community Based Education Center April 20th.  The program has previously been presented to Hermitage and Warren High School classes.  The program teaches students how to budget their money to cover the expenses of life such as housing, transportation, clothing, insurance, utilities, food, entertainment, etc.  Each student is given a life scenario such as married with three
Ashley Bryant
kids and then assigned a profession and a monthly income.  The student must then purchase the various necessities of life as well as the things they desire, based on their income.   Booths are set up where the students buy a house or rent an apartment purchase a car, buy cloths, secure insurance, etc.  They must stay within their income limits.  There are options to increase the individual's education and increase their income.  It is a lot of fun and extremely educational.

Some twenty students took along with their teachers.  Manning the various booths from which the students had to purchase goods and services were representatives of the SEACBEC staff, Warren Water and Sewer, the Extension Service, the Bradley County Chamber of Commerce and the insurance and banking industry.  It was a learning experience made as real life as possible.

The classes of Ashley Bryant and Mary Beth Hicks participated in the exercise.  The young people acted very prudently with their expenditures.
Joey Cathey, of State Farm, Selling Insurance

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