Friday, April 14, 2017

Methodists Dedicate Prayer Garden in Honor of Dorothy Wisener

Ms. Sue Wagnon and Mrs. Dorothy Wisener (seated) enjoy the dedication of the Prayer Garden.
Dear Heavenly Father,
You started us in a garden and today we return to the garden to seek
your peace, your comfort, and your love.
We thank you this day for all the hands involved in allowing this prayer
garden to come together.
We need peace - so we come to this garden for quiet that we might hear
your word and commune with your Spirit
We need joy - so we come to the garden for our senses - the green leaves,
the rich crumbling soil, the scent of life and the sounds of life,
of birds and squirrels that come and go in our world.

We come to feel the grass and wonder at the delicacy of a flower petal.
We need to let things go so we come to the garden for rest, to let the
busyness of life pass for a moment
We need to let people go, some who have wronged us and we need your
strength to forgive, some who we loved and aren’t with us and we
need your comforting Spirit to help us let them go into your care.
We need hope - so we come here to watch things grow, reminding
ourselves to be planters and enjoy what others have planted.
We need benches to let the Sabbath into our lives.
We need to be enveloped in beauty to remind us of all the gifts you have
given us.  We need to to remember those blessings need to be
protected and maintained for all the generations that follow.
We come today to dedicate this Prayer Garden in Dorothy Wisener’s name
remembering the numerous hours she spent caring for the plants
around our church, enhancing it’s beauty and inviting people to
come and taste the goodness your offer.  Bless her this day and
help her feel our appreciation for her love for your church.
Fill this place with your Spirit, that all who come here may be
overwhelmed with a sense of your presence and may go from
here refreshed and renewed.  We ask all this in the name of
our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   AMEN

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