Monday, May 29, 2017

Arrest Report: May 29, 2017

Paula Heinley, 15510 Hwy 189, New Edinburg, AR., age 35, charged with shoplifting x2 (5-23-17)

Karl Brazeale, 2480 Hwy 80, Chovenant, LA., age 56, charged with DLOC, DWI, Suspended driver's license, drinking on hwy, no seat belt (5-23-17)

Curlee Jenkins, 808 Hwy 278 W. Apt A6, Monticello, AR., age 27, arrested on warrant and charged with driving on suspended license (5-23-17)

Ray H. Partain, 1324 Hwy 160 W., Jersey, AR., age 50, jail time (5-23-17)

Garrett R, Arrowood, 367 Bradley 32, Warren, AR., age 27, charged with body attachment, and domestic battery 3rd (5-23-17)

Patricia Bowie, 190 Avery St., Kingsland, AR., age 37, charged with driving on suspended license and drinking on highway (5-23-17)

Vivian Harris, 513 Clio St., Warren, AR., age 53, charged with aggravated assault, disorderly condut, and resisting arrest (5-24-17)

David Canela, 330 Katherine st., Warren, AR., age 48, charged with driving on suspended license and defective equipment (5-25-17)

James Phelps, II, 511 Hankins St., Warren, AR., age 28, arrested on warrant (5-26-17)

Todd Winters, 508 Fullerton, Warren, AR., age 19, arrested on warrant from Monticello (5-27-17)

Tammy Swannigan, 1008 Rich t., Warren, AR., age 54, charged with possession of controlled substance, driving on suspended license, and no insurance (5-27-17)

Luis Salazar, 601 W. Pie, Warren, AR., age 30, charged with no driver' license (5-28-11)

Salvador Santiago, 707 S. Myrtle St., Warren, AR., age 25, charged with DWI, fleeing by foot, driving on suspended license, care;ess driving, prohibited driving, and running stop sign (5-28-17)

Walter Wright, 416 Elm St, Warren, AR., age 57, charged with shoplifting and fleeing (5-28-17)

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