Sunday, May 7, 2017

Landmark On Main Street Comes Down

The burned out and destroyed Words on a Shirt Building, known by generations as Martins Department Store was brought to the ground Sunday morning as the contractor hired by the City of Warren began the clean up process.  The building had previously undergone an asbestos abatement and now the debris and lot will be cleaned up.  The city will try to recoup the $150,000.00 cost of the removal.

Crews of Entergy were on hand Sunday morning rerouting utility lines and making the area save for demolition.  City of Warren Street employees, the Warren Fire Department and the city building official were also present to assist as needed.  The major work began on Sunday in order to conduct the work with as little traffic in the area as possible and while the businesses on Main Street were closed.

Another observer was Warren Mayor Bryan Martin.  The Mayor is in charge of having the building removed and cleaned up per City Council orders.  He did indicate it was a bittersweet event due to the fact he spent much of his life growing up and working in the building that housed the business his family started over 100 years ago.  It had to be cleaned up for safety and appearance.

The property is still privately owned and the city will proceed with efforts to collect the cost of the cleanup.  It will take some time and effort.  According to Mayor Martin, a number of houses and structures in Warren need to be cleaned up but the safety factor and location of this building made it a priority.  The city continues working on other sites.

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