Tuesday, May 30, 2017

New Jobs Coming to Warren

Information has been provided to salineriverchronicle.com that confirms new jobs are on their way to Warren.  According to the information provided by the company planning to locate in the community, the new facility will employee somewhere around 170-200.  The plant will be a food processor.  It will be located in the Warren Industrial Park.

A spokesperson for the company stated that design and engineering work is underway, and the plant should be operational in 6-7 months.  SRC was told more information will be forthcoming in the future.

The Arkansas Development Finance Authority is involved in the project.  SRC was told the City of Warren and Mayor Bryan Martin have been involved in supporting and assisting  the project to locate in Warren and continues working with the firm to get the plant put into operation.  It will be a few months before the hiring process begins. 

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