Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Quorum Court Conducts Meeting

Quorum Court Appoints Member to Hospital Board

In a relatively brief regular monthly meeting conducted Monday, May 15th, the Bradley County Quorum Court handled routine business and confirmed the appointment of former County Judge Keith Neely to the Bradley County Medical Center Board.  Mr. Neely was nominated by the existing board.

The majority of the meeting consisted of a series of reports and comments from Judge Klay McKinney.  He stated that routine road work continues and that he has hired Don Whittemore to complete the survey of county residents and businesses for the purpose of updating solid waste accounts.  The Judge told the Court that to date 750 homes have been surveyed and 18 new accounts have been added to the county records.  He said five have been closed out for a net gain of 13.

Judge McKinney informed the JPs that the trackhoe at the landfill has mechanical problems and he is looking at options.  He also reported the county has been awarded a recycling grant in the amount of $16,400.00.

The Judge then informed the Court that the house owned by the library on Cypress Street will be torn down prior to the Tomato Festival.

The Justices were then given a letter from the Secretary of States' Office informing the county that new voting equipment will need to be purchased in the future by the county.  According to the Judge the cost will be in the range of $232,630.05.  The letter outlined grant funds that may be available to assist in the future. The letter indicated that the grant funds are not yet available and left several questions unanswered.  

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