Monday, May 1, 2017

Warren Fire Department Responds to Numerous Calls

The Warren Fire Department was called to several areas of the city during the week of April 24th- April 30th.  None of the calls consisted of major fires.

On the 24th, the department was called to clean up a garbage spill and the same day responded to a down tree near Bond and Howard Streets.  On April 25th, the department responded to a motorcycle wreck on Pennister Road.  One person was injured and had to be transported by helicopter.  Another accident was responded to on Alexander Street.  There were no injuries.
On April 26th, the department was called to an illegal burning on Pennister Rd. and on the 28th they attended another case of illegal burning on W. Pine Street.  The burning was being conducted after dark, which is prohibited by law.

On April 30th, the firemen responded to several cases of downed trees or limbs.

Residents and businesses are reminded, burning is prohibited without and permit from the Warren Fire Department and the department must be notified prior to conducting the burning, even if a permit has been issued.

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