Sunday, June 11, 2017

61st Annual Pink Tomato Festival


Another one is in the books, and it is the 61st annual Pink tomato Festival at that!  We say every year it cannot get bigger or better, but it does.  Thanks to a lot of hard work by volunteers, contributions by local individuals and businesses (and a few from outside the community) and great weather, the 61st annual festival appears to have been a roaring success.  Lots of activities, great music and really big crowds add up to a great time in Warren and Bradley County for the local folks and the large numbers from outside who came in to take part and enjoy.

Kudos also have to go out to city and county employees who do so much to help make each years festival successful.  Mayor Martin and Judge McKinney assisted in important ways and it appears the event went off without any major issues or problems.

The Bradley County Pink Tomato Festival is one of the largest and most successful festivals in Arkansas and among more rural areas is likely the top one in so many ways, including attendance.  It is a must attend festival for almost all of our state politicians and gives people a chance to see others and visit as well as take in the fun times.  It is becoming the time many former Warren residents and high school class come back and visit where they grew up.

The Saturday night concert and all the music was outstanding and there were lots of neat things to do and see.  It must be noted that the car show was the biggest and best attended ever and was a real hoot to attend.  It was held at the ever improving city park, a great venue for all sorts of community activities.  A special congratulations to everyone involve in the car event.

The festival has become a week long event starting on a Saturday with the Miss Pink Tomato pageants, a golf tournament, a trap shoot and then gospel singing, talent performances, dog contest steak cook-off, various other contests, arts and crafts, things for sale ( including tomatoes ) and many other things, all ending on another Saturday will a Little Miss pageant, the big concert and fire works.  It shows Warren's best side and our capabilities.

To all who made it happen, congratulations and to all who took part, thank you!  Now we get ready for number 62!

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