Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Human Development Center Volunteer Reorganizes

Members of the Volunteer Council of the Southeast Arkansas Human Development Center meet on the Center's campus June 26th.  They adopted new by-laws and elected new officers for the year July, 2017 through June, 2018.  The officers elected are as follows:

President-R. Gregg Reep
1st Vice President-Tiffany Wargo
2nd Vice President-Cindy Williams
Secretary-Gwen Bullard
Treasure-Michael Miller

The next meeting of the Council is set for July 18th.  The Volunteer Council is organized to support the clients served by the Human Development Center by raising private funds to help with services and assistance to those served, along with their families. Anyone wishing to participate should contact Dana Harvey 870-226-6744, ext. 2401.  Individuals and businesses are welcomed to help.

The Southeast Arkansas Human Development Center in Warren provides essential care and services to nearly 100 clients and families and employees around 200.

During the meeting, Superintendent Mark Wargo, reported that the 2017 Open Horizons Conference, held each year to provide training hours for those employed in the field of intellectual disablities, raised $1745.00 for the Volunteer Council.  The conference has been conducted in Warren for a number of years.

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