Monday, June 26, 2017

Minutes for Re-Newing New Edinburg Meeting

Diana Watts, Vice President, opened the meeting in the absence of President Larry Waldrop.  Minutes had previously been sent to members plus copies were passed around.  Motion was made by Mary Ann Hart, seconded by Don Hart that minutes be accepted as submitted.

First item of old business was the Fairy Tale Network presentation presented at the community center on June 2. Linda Boyter gave a report on ticket sales, attendance plus expenses for cookies and punch.  On motion of Mary Ann Hart, seconded by Shelia Towery motion was made to divide the funds collected between the re-New-ing Edinburg group and the Cleveland County drama club based on the formula used for the Nutcracker in December, 2016.  Motion passed.

Diana ask Roger if the group had a work day in June and he reported that he, Don Hart, Larry Waldrop and Bobby Chambers planted trees and shrubs at the New Edinburg Community Center.  Melody Spears informed the group that Walmart had donated the plants.  Don Hart informed the group that Ms. Jean Parrot had given him permission to remove shrubby located around the old church (Parrott’s building located next to Lindsey’s property).  After discussion, Monday, June 26 at 7:30 is designated as the next work day.

Shelia Towery ask if anyone in the group knew who cleaned off the fence row between the sun flowers and First Baptist Church as she would like to thank them, but no one knew.

Patricia McClellan was ask to give a report on the 5k Run/Walk and Fun Walk held in conjunction with the Grand Opening of the farmers market on May 20.  She stated approximately 76 people registered for the race.  Shaun Henderson was the overall winner with a time of 23.24 and Jessica Hamilton was 2nd with 25:31.  Everyone was asked to thank the sponsors:   Warren Bank and Trust, FBT Bank & Mortgage and Exterminating Services Company plus Gateway Bank provided Water.  After expenses, the event netted $1,373.18 for the group plus an additional $200 donation was received.

Linda Boyter, the farmers market manager, reported the market was full of vendors plus there were several garage sales throughout the downtown area.  The masonic lodge participated in the garage sale plus sold food, however, the rain closed down the market around 10:30.  The musical group who agreed to provide music for the event was moved to the community center.  The event was deemed a success even though the rain damped the day.

The next item on the agenda was the progress of the Veteran’s Park.  Melody Spears stated the Veterans’ account has approximately $885.00.  Don Hart stated that the brick sales were going good and he has completed an order form for the first order of bricks.  He had also researched flag poles and feels that three (3) poles would cost approximately $2,100.00.    Roger McClellan stated he had talked to Vernon Dollar about the flag poles at the Rison Veteran’s Park.  Those poles were purchased from Carrot Top Industries.   Roger McClellan made a motion, seconded by Linda Boyter, to create a Veteran’s Committee to oversee the development of the park.  Current committee members are Don Hart and Diana Watts.  Others who have agreed to serve are Vincent Henderson, the Cleveland County Veteran’s Coordinator, Roger McClellan and Don Triplett, New Edinburg Community Center representative.
Motion passed.  Floyd Brown has agreed to serve in an advisory position on the committee.

Motion was made by Roger McClellan, seconded by Linda Boyter to proceed with a possible Veteran’s Park dedication on October 21 (tentative date) in coordination with the Center’s annual barbecue fundraiser.  Motion passed.    Mary Ann Hart would like to proceed with a “Quilt of Valor” presentation on that day and other events for the day could include a Color Guard presentation, ribbon cutting ceremony, and recognition of local veterans.  

Linda Boyter presented a financial statement and motion was made by Mary Ann Hart, seconded by Brenda Triplett to accept the financial statement as presented.  Motion passed.

Diana Watts ask if anyone had an update on the Tulip Academy camp which is proposed for the fall and no update was available.

Diana also ask Roger about the possibility of holding a Turkey Trot 5 K or perhaps a Reindeer Run in New Edinburg.  Roger stated that several of those races were held in Monticello and Camden plus he felt the Farm to Market Race was local participants that wanted to support our activities but wouldn’t be interested in running or walking in the cold.

Stacy Waltz has contacted Roger regarding a possible Hee Haw production on October 13 in New Edinburg.  Motion was made by Linda Boyter, seconded by Mary Ann Hart for the re-New-ing Edinburg group to support the Cleveland County Drama group with a Hee Haw type production on October 13 and to provide a meal and decorations.  Trenna Kemp has agreed to once again prepare the food and members will provide all necessary support.  Motion passed.

Next meeting will be held July 18.

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