Monday, June 26, 2017

Retired SEAEDD Director Honored

Jenny, Spencer, Glenn, Marsha and in front  Kerrigan and Mackenna
A large crowd gathered from throughout Southeast Arkansas and beyond June 22nd in the offices of the Southeast Arkansas Economic Development District in Pine Bluff, Arkansas to honor retiring Executive Director Glenn E. Bell after over 40 years of service to the District.  Mr. Bell, a native of Pine Bluff, started as a staff member and became the second director in the history of the organization.  He officially steps down June 30, 2017.

Mayors, County Judges and business leaders from all over Southeast Arkansas were on hand to thank him for a job well done and to wish him well in retirement.  Through his work with the district, millions of dollars of federal and state grant money has flowed into the ten counties that comprise the Southeast District to help promote economic development and pursue community development.
Several speakers talked about his dedication to the region and the personal friendships that exist.

Former Warren Mayor and former State Representative Gregg Reep told the crowd about the time he, the late James Jordan of Monticello and Mr. Bell visited President Bill Clinton at the White House.  While waiting to see the President he talked about Glenn gathering up paper napkins and Hersey kisses wrapped in Presidential seals and putting them in his pockets to prove the trio had been in the Oval Office.  Mr. Reep said the secret service started laughing at the Arkansans.  Reep went on to say Bell never missed an opportunity to promote the southeast region.  While at the White House he asked to use a telephone just before leaving.  He called the person the group was scheduled to meet with next at the Rural Service Office of the Department of Agriculture and made the sure he knew the three Arkansas people were just leaving a meeting with the President.  After delivering the message, Bell turned to Reep and said, "bet he will listen to us closer now."

Enjoying the party with Glenn were his wife Marsha, his son Spencer, his daughter in law Jenny and his two granddaughters Makenna and Kerrigan.

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