Thursday, June 29, 2017

Warren School Board Meets Thursday Evening

Outgoing Warren School Superintendent Bobby Acklin(left)
and incoming Warren School Superintendent Bryan Cornish(right)
The Warren School Board met for its regularly scheduled business meeting June 29, 2017 at the Warren School District administrative office building.

Minutes for the May 22 and June 9 meetings were adopted.  All out-of-state trip requests were also passed.

Bryan Cornish, WHS Principal, reported that electrical work was ongoing at Warren High School, as well as redoing of the fire alarms.  He also reported that a large divider was being moved in the EAST classroom to give the students a roomier state-of-the-art learning space.  He went on to report that extended school and summer school both ended today, June 29, 2017.  Cornish also told the board that this past year's test scores have arrived, and the staff is currently reviewing and evaluating the data to present at a future board meeting.

Kathy Cornish, principal at Warren Middle School, gave a report on professional development ongoing this summer for teachers at Warren Middle School.  She also informed the board of initiatives in reading instruction which are planned for students in the coming year.

Sara Weaver, Eastside Principal, stated that MAP data is showing growth, and four teachers and one facilitator attended the RISE reading initiative recently.  She also reported that there was an end of the year steak dinner held for faculty of Eastside.

Board members next heard from Regina Scroggins, Brunson Principal.  She reported that the GCA has been in the building this month and the building, particularly the floors, look better than they ever have in her opinion.  Scroggins also told board members that teachers have been attending professional development this summer.

Jonalyn Reep, SEACBEC Director, reported to the board the success of SEACBEC student Mason Bigham.  He recently competed at the National Skills USA competition which was held in Louisville, Kentucky.  Bigham scored a 100 in the category of safety and a 100 in tools.  Reep also thanked board member Jerry Daniels for attending the Adult Education Graduation held this week and informed the board of the programs success.

The board then entered executive session.  After returning from executive session the board took the following actions:

Resignations were accepted for the following:

Captain(Ret) Len Blaylock III, Senior Army Instructor JROTC
Jennifer Rogers-High School Geometry
Joshua Nix-Head Basketball Coach
Bridget Parks-Eastside Special Needs

Licensed Recommendations for Contract 2017/2018 School Year were approved for the following:

Elizabeth McKinney-Eastside Assistant Principal
Melissa Henke-Kindergarten Teacher
Miranda Eubanks-4th Grade Literacy
Correy Muldrew-Head Sr. Boys Basketball Coach
Wesley Lafoon-Criminal Justice Teacher-SEACBEC

Classified Recommendations for Contract 2017/2018 School Year were approved as follows:
Magdelena Ramos-Paraprofessional at ABC Preschool-Ms. Ramos currently works at Warren ABC preschool.  ***At the last meeting she was listed as going to Eastside.

The board then unanimously approved a transfer of $300,00 from the operating fund to the building fund.  The proposed budget and expenditures for 2019 were unanimously approved.  An Athletic Insurance plan was approved as well.  Handbook changes for SEACBEC were approved, followed by the approval of the financial report.

Superintendent Bobby Acklin then gave the superintendent's report.  He expressed his gratitude to the community and the board, saying "I feel so much a part of the Warren School District, I don't think it will ever get it out of my spirit."  He went on to say that over his 38 year career, his years at Warren have been his best.  "I'm still a Lumberjack," he said.  "It's truly something that easily grew on me and my family.  I appreciate you all," he said in conclusion.

Board President Jerry Daniels told Mr. Acklin that "we really do appreciate what you did for us."  "You've been nothing but class during your tenure here with us."

Daniels also thanked Mrs. Jonalyn Reep for her service and congratulated her on retirement.

The meeting then adjourned.

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