Thursday, July 20, 2017

Intermodal Dealing With Maintenance of Site

Most of the meeting of the Southeast Arkansas Intermodal Authority July 19th Board meeting was spent talking about maintenance needs at the intermodal park located just east of Wilmar on U. S. Highway 278.  Bradley County Judge Klay McKinney addressed the board and talked about the needs and what Bradley County would do to conduct some of the work.  The board approved the financial report and the access road to the water tower.

It was noted that Garver Engineers was not in attendance and that the issue of the railroad crossing is still pending.  This has been on the agenda for several months.  Board Chairman John Lipton voiced frustration with Garver relating to the matter.  There was also discussion of the need for a platt of the site and whether or not one exists.  The board voted to request one form Garver at no cost if one does not already exist.

It was stated by Mr. Lipton that the site is being looked at by an industrial prospect.  It was stated the entity is a wood products operation.

Other matters such as board liability were also mentioned.

According to the financial statement the authority has a note pending in the amount of $279,147.19.
The report listed amounts receivable as follows:
Monticello- $42,968.29
Warren- $54,618.10
Drew County- $49,425.11
Bradley County- $163,286.48

It has been reported that state funds in an unknown amount will be coming to the intermodal in the future.

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