Friday, July 28, 2017

New Family Doctor Will Begin Practice August 14

According to a report provided to the Bradley County Hospital Board July 27th during the regualr monthly board meeting, Dr. Biggers will open his family practice clinic in Warren August 14th.  He will start out in the doctors building on N. Bragg Street near the Brunson Complex and will move into the new clinic on Central Street just south of the hospital a soon as it is completed.  It is expected the new facility will be ready by the third week of September.  Joining Dr. Biggers at the new site will be Dr. Worley.  Once Drs. Biggers and Worley are relocated and in business, the hospital will move toward installing an after hours clinic in the same building staffed by a Nurse Practitioner.  The idea is to have the after hours clinic open into the early evening hours on Thursday and Friday nights and open during business hours on Saturdays.  The board was told that two APNs are currently interested in working at such a clinic.

In regular business, CFO Brandon Gorman provided the financial reports and the home health care statistics.  He state that June, 2017 was a difficult month for the hospital due to very low volumes of usage.  The net loss for the month was $149,036 dollars.  It was noted the summer months are normally the lowest and July has experienced a substantial  increase.  The overall picture for the hospital remains good in his opinion according to the CEO.  Mr. Gorman reported that sales tax revenues for June were over $70,000.00 and the hospital has sales tax funds available in excess of $4 million.

The board voted to purchase a new hematology machine at a cost of $111, 775.00 utilizing sales tax funds.  There will be additional cost for a service agreement.

On motion by Dr. Wharton, the following staff recommendations were approved:
Bradley Biggers, M.D., Family Practice
Aaron Rowell, D.O., ESS/Family Practice ER
Salil Mathur, M.D., ESS/Family Practice ER
Archana Hinduja, M.D., AR Saves  Telemedicine
Nicolas Bianchi, M.D., AR Saves Telemedicine
Vladmir Karpitiskiy, M.D., AR Saves Telemedicine

Updates were presented by the CEO and the Chief Nursing Officer.  Mr. Henson named Julia Martin, Bruce Sullivan, Ebony York, Ashley Young and Leighann Williams as employees that have been mentioned as making an extra effort and taking great care of our patients.

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