Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Space Available For Adoption in SEAHDC Community Garden

Raised garden beds and bed spaces are now available for adoption in the Community Garden at the Southeast Arkansas Human Development Center, located at 1 Center Circle; Warren, Arkansas. Options for adoption include: a) whole bed; b) half a bed; or c) squares in a square foot bed. The raised beds have garden soil in them and are ready to be planted. Water is provided at the site. Individuals or organizations adopting a bed or bed space are responsible for supplying their own garden tools and plants, as well as planting, watering and otherwise maintaining the bed or bed space. There is a compost bin and compost turner on site which may be accessed for fertilization purposes. Individuals or organizations may designate their crop as free to others or may use the crop strictly for their own purposes and consumption. Beds and bed spaces are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

July and August are prime planting months for crops to be harvested in the fall. To adopt a bed or bed space, go to the Bradley County Extension Office located at 101 1 st Street in Warren to complete an application and user agreement. Bed and space assignment will be made by the Extension Office. You may contact the Extension Office at (870) 226-8410 for more information regarding the Community Garden, or Dana Harvey at (870) 226-6774, ext. 2401; or by email at

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