Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Warren Mayor Talks About Cleaning Up Properties

Lion Gregg Reep and Mayor Bryan Martin
Warren Mayor Bryan Martin was the guest speaker for the July 12th meeting of the Warren Lions Club.  The club met in the Razorback Room of Molly's Diner.   Lion Secretary Tommy Burrow presided in place of President Randy Rawls who was absent.

The Mayor spent some time talking about growing up in Warren and being involved with the management of Martins' Department Store.  He talked about the changes that occurred that have made the operation of small locally owned retail businesses difficult in our economy.  The Mayor said he decided to seek the Mayors Office to serve the community that was so good to him during his growing up years and business career.

Mayor Martin spent a good amount of his speech discussing the issue of grown up lots, dilapidated houses and the matter of some residence creating junk yards on their property.  He went into detail on the procedures the city must follow in accordance to state law to enforce the cleanup of properties and the process for trying to collect the cost back to the taxpayers.  He said it is time consuming and tries the patience of the residents of the neighborhoods and city officials.  According to the Mayor several properties are in the process of being cleaned up and many more are being pursued. He mentioned that several burned structures are also being dealt with.

In his remarks, the Mayor talked about plans for the newly constructed soccer facility on Axley Field. He indicated several groups including the Donald W. Reynolds YMCA of Warren and Bradley County will be using the field for soccer and Midget Football.  Some work remains to be completed on the field and a need exist to get some bleachers installed.  There are new bathrooms, a concession stand and lights on the site.

Mayor Martin informed the club that for the first time in a long time, all positions within the Warren Police Department are filled.  There are no vacancies.  He talked about the importance of maintaining a fully staffed, well trained police department.  He completed the program by answering several questions.

Mayor Martin was invited to speak to the Lions Club by Lion member and former Warren Mayor Gregg Reep. 

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