Wednesday, August 9, 2017

SEACBEC Business & Industry Partnerships Meeting

The annual Fall Meeting for 2017 for the Southeast Arkansas Community Based Education Center's "Business and Industry Partnerships" program, was conducted Wednesday, August 9th at SEACBEC.  A good crowd of local business, governmental and educational leaders were present to take part.  Devin McDiarmid, the new SEACBEC Director welcomed those in attendance and introduced the facility of the Center.  She also introduced Mason Bigham, a student who talked about the programs of the Center and particularly the Skills USA program.

Director McDiarmid asked those present to help provide recommendations on ways SEACBEC can serve the community and help local businesses and industry.  The most important function of the Center is to assist in providing a more skilled workforce for the community of Warren and the surrounding region.

A lunch was provided and the advisory committees meet with the various program instructors.

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