Monday, September 11, 2017

Upcoming School Elections

September is the time for annual school elections in Arkansas.  This is the time to elect school board members and to consider millage increases if requested by school boards.  In the case of Warren and Hermitage, there are no millage increases on the ballot and in both districts, there are no contested school board races.

In Warren, Dr. Kerry F. Pennington has filed for reelection and in Hermitage, Mr. Harold Hampton has likewise filed for reelection.  Since there is no board competition or millage proposals, there will be no election held September 19th in Bradley County.  The 19th is the school election date set for Arkansas.  Voters will be allowed to vote September 12-18 by visiting the County Clerks office and take part in early voting if they so desire.

Arkansas law sets the rules for school board elections and determines how and when elections are to be handled. 

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