Tuesday, October 10, 2017

20th Annual "Worming of the Preachers"

A group of pastors and guests gathered around noon October 10th on Bradley County Road 25 North to join with Rusty Rowell for the 20th annual "Worming of the Preachers."  Rusty has been hosting the event for the past 20 years to show appreciation to the area pastors and a number who grew up in Bradley County and have moved off to other fields of service.  The menu consist of deer meat, peas, fried okra and of course turnip greens.  There is great fellowship, some testimonies and a general good time had by all.

Mr. Rowell indicated that this years "worming" is the conclusion of the event.  He stated he has enjoyed doing it due to his love for pastors and the work they perform every day.

There were pastors on hand from Bradley County, South Arkansas and from Texas.

Those in attendance presented Rusty with a plaque thanking him for twenty years of hosting the event for pastors.

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