Monday, October 9, 2017

Joint Public Health Committee Meets at SE Human Development Center

Mark Wargo and Melissa Stone
Members of the Joint Committee for Public Health, Welfare and Labor meet Monday, October 9th in Warren on the campus of the Southeast Arkansas Human Development Center.  Several members of the Senate and House Committees were present along with a number of other members of the General Assembly. 
Mayor Martin gives welcome.

The Committee and guest were welcomed by Warren Mayor Bryan Martin and information was provided to the committee by Kelley Linck, Chief Governmental Liaison of Legislative Affairs for DHS and Craig Cloud, Director, Provider Services and Quality Assurance Divisions for DHS.  Comments were then submitted by Melissa Stone, Director, Development Disabilities Services Division of DHS and Mark Wargo, Interim Superintendent of the Southeast Arkansas Human Development Center. 

Mr. Wargo informed the committee that the SE Center serves 96 residents and employees 248 people.  The center has been in Warren for 39 years.  He told the members that training is stress to the degree possible and that the Volunteer Council has been reorganized and is functioning with good attendance at meetings.  He talked about the community garden project and plans for a farmers market as well a ongoing efforts to work with private companies for training and manufacturing.  According to the Interim Superintendent, one client currently has a job off campus.  He also stated a large percentage of clients require 24/7 care.

After the committee adjourned, the members were provided a tour of the HDC.
Crowd listened to SEAHDC Presentation.

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