Thursday, November 9, 2017

Library News

Mrs, Betty Heird gived presentation on Japan.
Ms. Betty Heird did a wonderful presentation on Japan yesterday for our Around the World at Your
Teen Council Member Ella Garner hepted with the program.
Library in 9 months program! She told the group all about Japan's culture that included mountains, trains, music, elevators, food, and festivals, Mrs. Sandy Doss dressed in a komono that the women of Japan would wear. Then they cooked rice noodles and sampled several different foods from Japan that Ms. Betty brought; dry seasoned seaweed, shrimp crackers, green tea cream waffers, green kit kats, seaweed crackers, and angel waffers for the group to try. They were not real fond of the dry seasoned seaweed or the seaweed crackers, but they did really like the green kit kats and shrimp crackers. They also attempted eating the rice noodles with chop sticks! We also had a very special guest with us, Mrs. Gingy Cuthbertson! Thank you to one of our teen council members for helping us yesterday, Miss Ella Garner.

Right:  The library was excited to have Mrs. Gingy Cuthbertson, former Warren Branch Library Manager, as a special guest.

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