Thursday, January 11, 2018

Lions Club Updated on Eye Exam Program

Delbert Zimmerly, Neely Vance, and Randy Rawls
Members of the Warren Lions Club listened to a program by one of their own Wednesday, January 10th during the club's monthly program meeting conducted at Molly's Diner.  Lion Delbert Zimmerly presented a program on the club's program of providing eye exams for preschool children.  With the permission of parents or guardians, the club uses a high tech camera and takes a picture of the child's eyes.  It provides a print out and shows if there are potential eye problems.  If the camera determines there are issues, the parents or guardians are notified and encouraged to have the child examined by an eye specialist.

The program travels to various preschools, public and private and offers the services at no charge.  The Warren Lions Club bought the camera at a cost of over $6800.00.  Services have been provided in Bradley, Ashley and Drew Counties.  Lions Club members in Ashley and Drew have helped with expenses of repair and upgrading to the camera.

According to Lion Zimmerly, in 2017 the club tested nearly 150 children in Bradley County and a similar number in the other two counties.  In 2017, 17.8% of those tested needed further professional examination.  The number was higher than in previous years.

Lion James Wells gave a testimony regarding one of his children who was given the test and problems were located and corrected.  He stressed the importance of making sure the eye sight of young children is checked and corrected properly so they can learn and function well in school and in life.

The majority of children tested are in the 4-5 age range.   Plans are underway to visit First Baptist Church, Presbyterian Day Care and Bradley County Head Start in the next couple of weeks.  The process is simple and painless.  The camera never touches the child.

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