Monday, February 12, 2018

City Council Hears Hopes for Downtown Improvement

The Warren City Council met Monday, February 12 for their regular monthly meeting.  After approving the minutes and the financial report, the floor was opened for public comments.  Mrs. Leah St. John approached the council and discussed the plans of a few who have come together for downtown improvement projects including power washing sidewalks, cutting and removal of overgrown trees which are damaging sidewalks, and working with building owners to improve storefronts with awnings, replacement of broken windows, etc.

The council heard the BCEDC report and adopted the Internet Sales Tax Resolution.  Mayor Martin informed the council that the city is looking into LED lighting for the city buildings which would save money.  The council approved the 2017 Annual Report and adopted and ordinance to allow Ricky Roper to serve on a City Board while working for the city.  The council approved a Tax Back Program for J&E's purchase of equipment.  The council approved the appointments of Roger George and Ron St. John to the Board of Electrical Examiners for three year terms.

The aldermen then heard the reports of standing committees.  Police Chief Shaun Hildreth was asked about the number of people who have complained about being ticketed for parking on the wrong sides of the streets in areas near local restaurants.  The chief noted they had tried to give warnings.  He was asked to have signs placed in those areas.

James Jones was hired as a volunteer fireman and Eddie West was hired as a temporary fill-in worker for the fire department.

Street Committee member Burks noted that a public hearing had been held where citizens came and requested certain streets to be placed on the priority paving list.  It was noted that the committee wil ride along with street foreman Ricky Joe Davis and the Mayor to prioritize the list merging it with streets already on the list.

Kyle Wagnon was awarded the contract for mowing with the lowest bid.

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